The investment in electrical signs is simply smart for a businesses nowadays. Ever since they were put into service many decades ago, these signs have maintained their flair for attracting passing pedestrians and commuters on the streets. Although there are other types of signs that people also find attractive, only this type of sign can be seen well at night and thus has a stronger appeal to reach a wide consumer market in an affordable way.

Consumers of varied ages find custom lighted signs a thing of beauty. With tons of customizations available, you can swiftly create a masterpiece to represent your business. Personalize things like color, size, shape or font styles for your sign and create a personal statement through your desired specifications.

The use of illuminated signs is the single most important marketing tool that every bricks-and-mortar business has. Illuminated signs serve to stand out in the crowd against conventional signage, and they show customers exactly where a business is located in low visibility conditions.

Outdoor lighted signs are a great way to brand your logo and company emblem. The sign can be seen during the daytime and the sign goes into full bright colors for easy identification at night.

We serve Florida in offering signs from concept and design to installation. The options are endless: lighted sign boxes, front and back-lit signs, monument signs, LED, billboards and push-thru letters and are some of the most common types of signs.

Digital displays available in multiple configurations including single-line scrolling signs, multi-line information boards, full-matrix electronic billboards, stock tickers, true color large LED video walls for high impact outdoor advertising displays.