Open/Closed Faced 3-D Channel Letters

Channel letter signs are individually illuminated letters or logos – the most common type of illuminated storefront signage today.

Front Lit Channel Letters

These letters have acrylic faces, which can be in a variety of colors, as well as white acrylic with translucent vinyl overlay for an even greater selection of colors. The faces are mounted to the aluminum or metal return using a trim cap edge. The letters can be internally illuminated with neon lighting or using an LED lighting system. They can be mounted either directly to the wall individually or mounted on a metal rectangular box called a raceway. The individual mounting looks much better than the raceway mounting because the raceways tend to be distracting and create unwanted shadows. However, many landlords prefer the raceway style of mounting because it requires fewer holes made on the building facade. Raceways are also required in case of limited access in the building facade for electrical hook-up of the sign.

Open Face Channel Letters

Open face channel letters are the same letters as described above except that the metal return is left open, no acrylic face or trim cap is used, and the inside neon lighting is exposed.

Reverse Channel Letters

This type of lettering is designed to mount to the wall approximately 1.5″ off the wall and create a halo-lit effect at night with a soft glow around the letters. The illumination can be created with neon lighting or LED lighting. The illumination is not as bright as standard channel lettering, but it creates a very soft, elegant and modern look for your business.

Halo Channel Letters (Front and Rear Illumination)

This type combines the construction of a regular channel letter with the construction of a reverse channel letter. These letters create the halo effect of a reverse channel letter while simultaneously illuminating the front of the letter.