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What is LED Lighting?
LED stands for light emitting diode and the technology has been around since the 1960s. Its greatest benefit is that it uses only 12 volts. Neon uses up to 9,000 to 15,000 volts. LED has comparable brightness to neon and is rated to last up to 100,000 hours when properly installed.

Because LED is a low voltage system, fire hazards are greatly reduced over neon lighting.

Energy Savings
LED lighting can save up to 80% power over comparable sized traditional neon-lighted signs. Return on investment can be made within three years via power costs savings.

Wall Penetration and Hardware Comparisons
LED lighting and components require only one 3/8″ wall penetration per channel letter. Compare this to neon which requires two 1″ wall penetrations per channel letter. This means less wall destruction and excess conduit and GTO wiring. A LED lighting installation is clean and simple.

Why aren’t More Sign Companies Using LED?
Only recently has the technology advanced to the point where LED lighting is almost comparable in pricing to neon. Although it is still more costly to install LED, KAUFF’S Illuminated Signs DOES NOT pass this additional cost on to our customers. Our bids are competitive with other sign company neon lighting estimates.

Also, embracing change isn’t easy. Neon has been a faithful lighting option for the sign industry for over a hundred years. There’s no doubt that the change over to LED for sign lighting will eventually happen, however, KAUFF’S Illuminated Signs is on the leading edge of this exciting technology right now.