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Monument signs are plastic, metal or completely customized structures that help your customers find your business. Monument signs increase your businesses exposure to the public. These signs can be customized to any shape or size, and the option of illumination or even programmable LED message boards.

With a wide range of colors, textures, and design elements, we can create a monument that represents your business. Home owner associations, property management companies, landlords, corporations, shopping centers, and contractors are who we generally work with but we can service just about anyone. We are familiar with obtaining permits and can assist you if needed. We will make sure your custom monument sign project complies with state laws.

Monument signs are a great storefront signage solution for businesses and organizations. They provide a unique way to announce to the public where a business is located and what they do.

KAUFF’S Illuminated Signs specializes in creating custom monument signs to list and display business locations in a plaza, business park, or community. We can work with your existing monument sign or we can create a custom design for you from scratch.

Does your business need identity or street presence? Is your business park difficult to find? Get a custom monument sign!

KAUFF’S Illuminated Signs can manufacture a monument sign that is not only easy to find, but will also leave a memorable impression on all who see it. We can help strengthen your corporate identity and dramatically increase your business’s exposure with the professional elegance of a monument sign. KAUFF’S Illuminated Signs can replicate the architectural elements, color palette, and brick/stone/stucco texture of your building. We can work with your mason to fabricate a monument using stone or brick, or we can use modern technologies to create a maintenance free monument sign that looks exactly like the stone or brick on your building. We use a wide range of textures, colors and creative design elements to build monument signs that not only promotes your business, but also becomes a vital link to your corporate identity. Our EPS monuments are created using a lightweight expanded polystyrene core coated with a hard coat for extreme durability and they can be fabricated in a wide range of finish colors, textures and sizes. These monuments are built in a modern factory in a fraction of the time, and cost, required for a site-built masonry sign.

We do projects for contractors, landlords, property management companies, home owners associations, and corporations. Some of our clients include banks, business parks, shopping centers, real estate agencies, insurance companies and business that require visibility in their community. KAUFF’S Illuminated Signs is happy to assist you in obtaining the proper permits required for your specific project and will ensure that your monument sign fits your application and complies with all state and local ordinances.

Our monument signs have been tested and approved to withstand 180 mph winds. They are durable enough to withstand all elements and are impervious to rot, termites and moisture.

Street visibility starts with a great looking sign! We offer our clients unlimited custom monument sign options. Our in-house design team can provide custom designs for your project and we have several standard monument sign models to choose from. Signarama can even customize one of our standard layouts to meet your specific needs. Whether it is a stone, stucco, concrete, brick, or a wood texture you are looking for, we can provide a monument sign that is unique to your business. In addition to texture, our signs are limited in size only by the restrictions of your property or the local ordinances of your city.

Standard materials that have been used in the past to manufacture monuments such as brick, stucco, stone and concrete can be expensive. Our foam monument signs are not only durable but will also meet your budget requirements as well. When compared to brick, stucco and aluminum, EPS signs are less costly per square foot to manufacture and install, and are extremely durable and have a long lifespan.